I am always truly inspired when doing a homecoming session. Although sometimes it is hard to hold a camera while I am crying (inevitably), I am blessed and honored to be a part of such intimate moments. It always reminds me of my own homecomings and watching my husband’s face when he realized the little boy standing next to me was the same as the toddler he left. So many stories and so much love. I love that my job allows me to capture these moments for someone and give them a memory to hold on to!


This year I am departing from the traditional mini-sessions and teaming with the KOSC to provide sessions where a huge chunk goes to charity. Wow! I am honored to be a part of this and excited to be able to provide a service that can really make a difference in our local community.

More info can be found at www.koschawaii.com or email koscfamilyphotos@gmail.com.

Looking forward to an exciting season!

Because I am asked ALL THE TIME!!! Even more so than how much (if you can believe that!).

The biggest thing I am always saying to clients is that it is important to coordinate, not necessarily match. Lay out your clothing options on the bed and play with what looks good and what you are going to want to remember for always. No pressure, right? 😉 Avoid loud patterns and remember your background when selecting outfits. You don’t want to wear a color that will blend in too much with your background.

It is also important to be comfortable and BE YOURSELF, because it will come out in the photos if you’re not!

Remember the details…
– nails and toes (I love to take detail shots of holding hands, etc.)
– shoes (leave the crocs at home and perhaps you might not want to wear those 4 inch heels if we’re going to the beach?)

Please take a look at the website for more information on my ideas on what to wear under the about tab/what to wear.

And, always feel free to send me a pic from your phone of your outfits if you have any questions. Yes, I do this all the time!

Another OpLove shoot and I still have tears in my eyes looking through the edited photos. My heart goes out to this family that will have to endure their first deployment, which happens to be a year long. Unfortunately, I know all about those and I am wishing them all kinds of happy sunshiny (even a word?) thoughts. I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to spend a couple of hours getting to know them better, even whilst dodging the rain and horrible winds!

Thanks for trusting me to capture these moments!