Ooooh, I am super excited! I am now announcing my new Senior Rep Program open for Class of 2014 Seniors!

Looking for a way to earn a free session, make some extra cash, and get some fun photo keepsakes? Considering applying or want more information? Send an email to today!

I absolutely LOOOOOVE doing senior portraits. There’s something so exciting about this special time in your life with all roads and possibilities ahead of you. I can’t wait to capture that excitement and share your enthusiasm for your future.

Standard sessions and print and gift packages are available.

It is the month of love and there are lots of exciting things happening around here. First of all, I am excited to be doing a few love sessions this month with some fun, young couples. Can’t wait to see what we come up with! Only a couple more sessions at this price!

Another amazing senior session. Wow, we had a good time.

One of my favorite things to do is really get to know my clients so their personality can shine through in their photos. I think this is especially important when capturing seniors. These are the photos that you will look back on in 20 years and (still) say, “WOW!” I was honored to be able to spend about five hours driving around with this lovely young lady. We chatted it up while touring around and were able to turn her session into a ton of fun!

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Accordion Minis are THE VERY BEST grandparent gift hands down. My mom carries hers with her everywhere and is the first thing she pulls out when talking about the kiddos. They are small and stylish, allowing you to put it in your purse and carry it with you wherever you go. My husband even had one he carried around with him when he was traveling constantly. They are customized with up to ten of your photos and have a handy magnetic closure, preventing damage while at the bottom of your bag. 🙂

These are a great value and a definite must have on my gift list for the grandparents for every major holiday!!

Ahh, I love Chinaman’s hat! What’s not to love. Even though the sky was not deep blue this day, the island is always splendid. I love the iconic mountains in the background. You can’t get much more “hawaii” than this!

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