OpLove Shoot {Oahu Military, Family, and Child Photographer}

I do A LOT of free shoots each year. Some of my favorites are the OpLove shoots. Most people know about free homecoming sessions, but not a lot of people are aware that families are entitled to TWO free shoots per deployment. These sessions are either done with the entire family, including the serviceperson, before a deployment, OR are done mid-deployment of just the family.

The gift I give these families in addition to the free session is a 4×6 album that I send directly to the person who is serving our country overseas of my favorite photos from the session. What a morale boost! I love hearing how a deployed Marine or soldier is so grateful to carry their family with them everywhere they go, even on patrol in remote parts of the world.

This is just one small thing I can do to say thank you to these very brave men and women.

Here are just a few shots from a recent shoot that I sent to the daddy as a surprise. Love it!

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With Aloha,

Jennifer Buchanan
Sunshine Soul Photography