Miss D. – Class of 2013 {Kailua Hawaii Senior Portrait Photographer}

Another senior portrait shoot that was just amazing. I am always so excited when working with seniors. It is an amazing time along one’s life journey and I am always so excited for all that lay ahead for these young gals and guys.

But, it is not always easy at that age (or any age, for that matter!). This girl came to me before the shoot and was troubled because she feels horribly shy in front of a camera and unbelievably self-conscious. They warned me that all of her photos generally end up looking like she wants to throw up. Ugh. Scary way to start a session for everyone involved! We talked about how it would go in our pre-shoot consult when we met up at Starbucks.

It is always great to meet everyone before the shoot — gets the hi’s and how are you’s out of the way and helps to get to know each other and avoid some awkwardness. It generally takes a few minutes to warm up during the session anyway, but having met beforehand eliminates quite a bit of angst for all parties.

Anyway, long story short, when we met the day of the session it was like greeting a friend that I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks. Her photos came out lovely and will be a treasure as well as a fabulous reminder of this precious time in her life…

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Thanks for allowing me to capture these amazing memories for you!
Oahu Hawaii Senior Portrait Photographer, Jennifer Buchanan