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Chinaman’s Hat Family Session {Kailua Hawaii Family and Child Photographer}

Ahh, I love Chinaman’s hat! What’s not to love. Even though the sky was not deep blue this day, the island is alwaysView full post »

Goodbye Hawaii! {Kailua Hawaii Family & Child Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this family just two days before they flew away to their new home. They wanted one last family photoView full post »

Welcome Home! {Hawaii Oplove Military Photographer}

Ahhh, another family reunited. So happy. I love to see the apprehension give way to complete giddiness once a child is back in aView full post »

W Family Homecoming and Welcome Home! {Oahu Hawaii Military OpLove Photographer}

So much fun meeting this family and hangin’ with this mom and fellow photographer. So, so happy you are all together again! ThisView full post »

G Family — Kailua Hawaii Family Photography Session

I looooove it when I have repeat clients. So happy to shoot the entire family this time! Lucky to live here in Hawaii! And, love thisView full post »

Jumping for Joy! {Kailua Hawaii Family and Child Photographer}

I love it when a session just comes together and we are just plain having fun. They literally were dancing and jumping around. NoView full post »

Class of 2013 {Oahu Hawaii Senior Portrait Photographer}

I had the amazing privilege of photographing this beautiful young lady the other day. There is something about photographing seniors thatView full post »

Why Mount and Mat Your Photo?

Mounting just means that the print is professionally affixed to a single-weight mount board so that it doesn’t warp or wrinkle withView full post »

Holiday Cards Templates Are Here — HOORAY!

Imagine this: Your holiday cards. DONE. WAHOO!!! Design elements can be mixed and matched and there are all shapes and sizes to chooseView full post »

What To Wear September 2012 {Oahu Hawaii Family and Child Photographer}

Because I am asked ALL THE TIME!!! Even more so than how much (if you can believe that!). The biggest thing I am always saying to clientsView full post »

OpLove Family Shoot {Oahu Hawaii Family and Child Photographer}

Another OpLove shoot and I still have tears in my eyes looking through the edited photos. My heart goes out to this family that will haveView full post »

September 11 {Oahu Hawaii Family and Child Photographer}

Well, September 11th has come and gone once again this year. I am never unaffected by my memories of that day in 2001 and the sheerView full post »