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Oh, man. I just opened the latest (insert trendy Clothing Magazine name here) and I am still reeling. Wow. The advertisements have come a long way since I used to pour over the latest issue as a teen.

There is just nothing cool about an advertisement that depicts what looks like a young woman passed out on the bathroom floor of a nightclub. Ugh. I am so disappointed.

It is so disappointing what qualifies as beauty and beautiful these days. But, what’s in a word?

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about body image. Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all seen the ads and viral postings lately of just how prevalent photoshop is for EVERYTHING. But, how far is too far?

Now, remember, I am coming at this from the position of a senior portrait photographer. And a mother.

I DO NOT want my clients to look like little hookers.

I DO NOT want to sexually objectify my clients in my posing.

I DO NOT want my clients to look back on their keepsakes in ten years and wonder to themselves, “What was I thinking?”

I DO NOT want to over-photoshop my clients so that their faces lose their distinguishing features.

But, I do want my clients to look AMAZING. So, how do I attempt to make this balance?

First of all, I have a consultation with my clients. We talk about hair, makeup, posing, wardrobe, location, and everything else we need to in order to put my clients at ease and for me to get to know the real them.

Professional hair and makeup make a BIG difference on the day of the shoot and after. Being pampered for the day and knowing you look and feel your best can do amazing things for your confidence. It is amazing the difference it truly makes. Everyday makeup and camera ready makeup are completely different. Camera ready makeup makes a big difference on the back end. That means less editing and less photoshop.

I want my clients to be fashionable and classy, but not too trendy. Yes, we can throw in that urban chic outfit (or what speaks to you at this stage in your life), but we don’t want all of the photos to be in that one outfit. You want a good representation of who you are right here and right now, but want to be proud to look back on your photos in twenty years.

I do not pose my senior portrait clients in overly sexy positions. Or, in any way that I would consider to be sexually objectifying. I want to capture the youthful innocence of my clients.

But, most importantly, I want to capture you being you. You are beautiful. It is not about what is on the outside, it is what’s on the inside that counts. I will show you just how beautiful you are and help you shine.

I will help you share the sunshine in your soul.


Senior Portraits Hawaii - beYOUtiful {Hawaii Senior Portrait Photographer, Jennifer Buchanan, Sunshine Soul Photography}

Senior Portraits Hawaii – beYOUtiful {Hawaii Senior Portrait Photographer, Jennifer Buchanan, Sunshine Soul Photography}

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